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Alexandra is a coach and mindfulness trainer who offers private retreats which become unique experiences of tranquility and relaxation on Mallorca.


She has found that through coaching and mindfulness far away from every day life, people can achieve a greater sense of inner peace and happiness.


Her focus is on providing an environment where people can escape the stresses of daily life and find time for themselves.


Learn how mindfulness exercises can help you to reduce stress, gain insights and awareness through observing your mind & emotions. You can find joy in everday life by training to suspend judgment and unleashing your natural curiosity in approaching yourself and others with warmth and kindness.


Maybe you have never tried meditation and think that this is not for you. I will be happy to assist you in taking your first steps and experiencing how meditation can help you in calming your mind and emotions and guide you the way to deep relaxation.


If you are looking for an individual retreat where you can practise mindfulness & meditation, discuss personal matters, recharge batteries, and simply relax and feel good, then contact me to design a tailormade retreat for you. I would be happy to host you and to put together a programme where you can choose from different courses and benefit from my insider tips for Mallorca.


Featured Activity

Mindfulness hike with panoramic views on Mallorca

Practise mindfulness alongside a great hike with absolutely stunning views.


Click here for information and booking.

Featured Activity

Mindfulness on SUP on Mallorca

Highlight on Mallorca: Practise mindfulness on a stand-up-paddle board. Enjoy and relax while being on the water.


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Using my expertise as a certified coach I can help you in reaching your goals.

  • Inner peace and serenity
  • Self-confidence and courage
  • Health and well-being
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Partnership, family and friends
  • Fulfillment in work and private life


Ask for private group offers. Most of the experiences can be booked for groups from 2 to max. 14 participants. All courses are suitable for beginners. You will learn techniques that you can use easily in your everyday life.


60 or 90 minutes

1/2 day or 1 day workshop

1-10 days retreats



Mindfulness-Trainer &

Personal Development Coach


call: +49 69 15 61 39 65

About me

After having worked in the German railway industry for more than 15 years I decided to completely focus on my passion to work with people and support them in their personal development. I founded HOLISTIC EMPOWERMENT and offer mindfulness workshops and retreats for groups and individuals in Germany and on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

I am a certified mindfulness trainer, meditation teacher and personal development coach. I love doing retreats on Mallorca where we can enjoy the energy of secret places in tranquile surroundings. Only a short flight time from England, Sweden, Germany or any other european contry and yet you are in a different world. Disconnect from eyeryday life and find inner balance & peace of mind.

With more than 5 years of profound Mallorca-experience I am happy to share my fav places and insider tips with you. Connect with me to find out more :)

My Profile


  • Systemic Coach and Consultant "St. Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)", CTAS Coach Trainer Academy Switzerland
  • Mindfulness Trainer, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie
  • Meditation Teacher, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie
  • ZENbo Balance Trainer, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie

Academic education

  • Graduate in Business Administration, International Business Studies

Focus: Marketing, English, French
University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Deutschland
Université Louis Pasteur, Straßburg, Frankreich


Further education

  • Strategic Business Administration, Malik Management Center St. Gallen
  • TRIAT Executive-Training, Deutsche Bahn
    Executice Programme, Deutsche Bahn
  • Cross Mentoring Frankfurt, cross consult
  • Project Management Basics, Bertelsmann
  • Project Management, Deutsche Bahn
  • Softskills-Seminar: Communication, Time Management, Effective Meeting, Effective Presentation, Bertelsmann
  • Interview-Training, Bertelsmann
  • Event Management, Management Circle
  • Customer-centered, Agile & Innovative, KAI Camp
  • Design Thinking Workshop, Hernstein Institute Management Leadership

It is my passion to support people in their personal Development process.