What is your personal


In 2012, the UN published the World Happiness Report for the first time. In this report Happiness and Well-being are measured in 155 countries around the world and are described by recognized experts.

What factors are important to you personally?

  •      Inner peace and serenity
  •      Self-confidence and courage
  •      Health and well-being
  •      Resilience and stress management
  •      Empathy and compassion
  •      Partnership, family and friends
  •      Fulfillment in work and private life

With HOLISTIC EMPOWERMENT you can discover different ways to improve your life and enhance your personal development.

Personal Development Coaching

Clarity - Focus - Energy in your Life

HOLISITC EMPOWERMENT - Personal Development Coaching has three focal points: Clarity - Focus - Energy. You will learn how to strengthen your personal foundation, understand what motivates you and find the focus for your life, let go of limiting beliefs, enrich your life with more joy and increase your energy.

Obtain Clarity

Holistic Check-Up (60 Min)

Meditation, 100 Points-Programme: Elaboration of basic areas of personal development.

80,- €


Analysis of needs and values (90 Min)

Meditation, elaboration of individual needs, values, fields of personal development, centering.

110,- €


Needs, borders, communication (120 Min)

Meditation, analysis of needs, setting borders, metaposition, 4-step-communication model, centering

135,- €


Personal Positioning (120 Min)

Meditation, analysis of the 6 most important areas of life: status quo and goals, metaposition, elaboration of focus areas and immediate measures, centering.

135,- €


CLARITY: Work (120 Min)

Meditation, analysis of skills and talents, working style, motivation and values, visualisation, metaposition, centering.

 135,- €

Create Focus

FOCUS: Life (120 Min)

Meditation, 100-wishes-list, no-regrets-method, future beaming, realilty-check, prioritization, Visualisation, centering

135,- €


FOCUS: Work (150 Min)

Meditation, analysis of motives and values, visualisation, future beaming, metaposition, planing, evidences, centering

160,- €

Activate Energy

Holistic Energyanalysis (60 Min)

Meditation, analysis of energyfields, strengthen your flow, metaposition, centering

80,- €


Analysis of Energy- und Resources (120 Min)

Meditation, analysis of energy, internal & external resources, metaposition, visualisation, 4-step communication model, centering

135,- €


Empowerment (150 Min)

Meditation, visualisation, letting go of limiting beliefs, analysis of energy, internal & external resources, letting go of obstacles, personal routines, centering.

160,- €

Courses, Workshops and Retreats

Mindfulness, Meditation and ZENbo Balance

Mindfulness, meditation and ZENbo Balance are taught in courses of 1 to max. 14 participants. All courses are also suitable for beginners. No previous knowledge is necessary. You learn techniques that you can use easily and flexibly in your everyday life.

I would be happy to advise you free of charge and without any obligation about different courses or create an individual offer. Prices vary according to distance and number of participants. I am happy to come to your hotel, to your finca or yacht, or to meet you in a place of your choice here in Mallorca. We take our time and look for a quiet place on the beach or in the mountains. If desired, I would like to suggest a place for your course or workshop.

You can find dates on current courses, workshops or retreats here and also on my facebook page.


Reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and awareness through observing our own mind, and increase our attention to others’ well-being. We can suspend judgment and unleash our natural curiosity about the workings of the mind, approaching our experience with warmth and kindness - to ourselves and others.



Courses 90 / 120 Min

Workshops 120 / 180 Min

Retreats 1 - 10 days


Price on request.


Recover from everyday life. Collect new forces. Regenerate yourself. Focus on your center. Pause all thoughts. Achieve deepest relaxation.

Guided meditation in laying, sitting and standing as well as moving meditation.



Courses 45 / 60 / 90 Min

Retreats 1 - 10 days


Price on request.

ZENbo Balance

Facilitate balance, coordination, mobility and body awareness. Movements in harmony with breathing.

ZENbo Balance combines relaxation techniques, yoga, Qi Gong and meditation.



Courses  60 / 90 Min

Retreats 1 - 10 days


Price on request.

About me

My name is Alexandra Gudereit and my mission is to support people - especially women - on their journey to unfold their full potential. I will coach you to obtain clarity about your current situation, create your authentic life with a clear focus and to take life-planing into your own hands. To cut it short: to empower yourself!


My goal is to strengthen you in your personal development - in private as well as in work life. I will help you to find your inner balance and bring your energy resources to flow. My holistic approach is based on approved coachingtools and will support you to reach development goals effectively on a longterm basis. Your self-esteem and self-determination will grow and your radiance will change positively. Inner balance, peace of mind and serenity are all of a sudden easy for you.

My Profile



  • Systemic Coach and Consultant "St. Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)", CTAS Coach Trainer Academy Switzerland
  • Mindfulness Trainer, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie
  • Meditation Teacher, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie
  • ZENbo Balance Trainer, Deutsche Akademie für freie Gesundheitsberufe, fitmedi Akademie

Academic education

  • Graduate in Business Administration, International Business Studies

Focus: Marketing, English, French
University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Deutschland
Université Louis Pasteur, Straßburg, Frankreich


Further education

  • Strategic Business Administration, Malik Management Center St. Gallen
  • TRIAT Executive-Training, Deutsche Bahn
    Executice Programme, Deutsche Bahn
  • Cross Mentoring Frankfurt, cross consult
  • Project Management Basics, Bertelsmann
  • Project Management, Deutsche Bahn
  • Softskills-Seminar: Communication, Time Management, Effective Meeting, Effective Presentation, Bertelsmann
  • Interview-Training, Bertelsmann
  • Event Management, Management Circle
  • Customer-centered, Agile & Innovative, KAI Camp
  • Design Thinking Workshop, Hernstein Institute Management Leadership

It is my passion to support people in their personal Development process.

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